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About Us

Securely! the Tradies app protects, addresses a $20billion national problem (in Australia alone) of tradespeople not being correctly paid for the work that they do.

The Founder of Securely! set out to create an easy-to-use app that tradies and sub-contractors could use to protect their payments with consumers. As a result, Securely! the Tradies app, now protects Tradies and their customers through a secure payment gateway portal.

Like Airbnb or Uber, Securely! is an easy to use app where Securely! is the trusted middleman. A Tradie simply uploads their quote sheet and Securely! reaches out to the customer, holds the signed agreement, and the money until the job is completed. Upon completion of the job, the Customer is then asked if they are satisfied with the job and if so, authorises payment release to the Tradie.

Securely! the Tradies app is committed to fair play when it comes to helping a job get done properly and making sure that Tradies get paid on time, every time. 


Meet the Team

Rob Neely | Executive Chairperson

Andrew Squires (JP) | CEO

David Freeman

Trevor Montgomery | App Dev Manager

Bob McGannon | App Project Manager

Get up and running in minutes.

Use the Securely tradie software to make sure you get paid in full, on time, every time